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The Day is an online newspaper written for students with stories presented at different reading levels (L2 to L5) enabling access for all.

The Day is full of news that you should know – sometimes it is exciting, sometimes it is inspiring, sometimes its fascinating, sometimes it is sad; but every time, it is helping you to learn.

The Day helps you to learn by improving your literacy, you will develop your vocabulary and you will be able to link what you learn in school to real life events happening in the world around you.

Did you know that increasing your literacy skills can improve your performance in all exams, even Maths?  This is because, to do well in exams, you must have the skills to understand and interpret questions to answer them correctly.

Reading The Day will empower you because: you will increase your knowledge, you will find out things you never knew, and you will get different points of view; this will give you the confidence to develop your own views about the world and enable you to express them.

Tip: Try to spend 15 -20 minutes each day, on The Day finding out about events that are taking place in the world around you.