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Upcoming Events and Workshops

Today's children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world, seamlessly living their lives both online and offline. This presents numerous positive and exciting opportunities, but it also brings forth challenges and risks. In this environment, children and young people need to acquire the knowledge necessary to stay safe, healthy, and to effectively manage their academic, personal, and social lives in a positive manner.

To confront the challenges of building a happy and successful adult life, students require knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their well-being, health, relationships, and to enhance their self-efficacy. This knowledge equips students with the ability to make sound decisions when encountering risks, challenges, and complex situations. Everyone encounters difficult situations in their lives. These subjects can support young people in developing resilience, knowing how and when to seek help, and understanding where to access support.

Upcoming Workshops:

Rabbits RSE

During the week commencing Monday, October 16th, 'Rabbits RSE' will conduct workshops on relationships and sex education for all students and staff at The Westgate School. Additionally, we will ALSO hold a parent session on the evening of Thursday, October 19th, 2023. More information about this event will be provided to you closer to the date.