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Westgate 6 (Year 7)

Westgate 6

‘Westgate 6’ is what the whole of Year 7 is based around and focuses on 6 key skills that will equip your child for life. Students will focus on 2 of the 6 skills during every theme (half a term) and students will have opportunities to develop and reflect on their skills during their learning set lessons.  All learning, across the school will be focused on developing knowledge and improving skills so that your child excels. The students will improve these skills through the following lessons:- English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious and Moral Studies, Languages, Physical Education, Art, Technology, ICT, Drama and Music.

The 6 skills are; Effective COMMUNICATOR, Creative INITIATOR, Adaptable LEADER, Independent ORGANISER, RESILIENT Learner, ANALYTICAL thinker.

Connecting Learning

‘Westgate 6’ is an opportunity for your child to make links between all their subjects and to ensure that they are “equipped for life”. ‘thewestgate6’ is organised around themes and uses BIG ideas to help students connect their learning across all areas of the curriculum. Then through their learning sets they will actually make the links and find ways to present their work. The themes and BIG ideas are:

Term 1 — Collaboration.  When people work together they can achieve a common goal.

Term 2 — Consequences. Very few actions are neutral. Most actions create impact or change that then has to be dealt with.

Term 3 — Creativity. Innovation happens when existing ideas are brought together or expressed in a new way.

Term 4 — Discovery. Finding out new things is a human driver and affects things for better and worse.

Term 5 — Risk. Progress involves exposing ourselves to, and considering the impact of, forms of danger, harm, uncertainty or opportunity.

Term 6 — Adaptability. Is demonstrated by the ability to change, alter or cope with new environments or circumstances.