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Westgate6 Just Giving

Westgate students raise thousands for charity

Year 8 students at The Westgate School, Slough have raised over £2000 during lock down in their phenomenal effort to support Cancer Research UK. They ended the project in the top 5% of all fundraisers on Just Giving for February.



Through compassion, care, resilience and determination during these challenging times, our Year 8 collectively exceeded the target of £600 and raised a staggering amount, of over £2000 for such a noble cause.


Some students who went above and beyond were,

  • Pranava Belman Tantry - Who cycled 100km
  • Maxwell Bassey - Who ran 25km
  • Liana Clark - Who walked over 120km
  •  Nate Orlando - Who walked over 80km

These students raised tremendous amounts and challenged themselves with great will power, resilience, and courage.

“Cancer Research UK is an important charity to many of us. I know a few people who have had cancer and due to the amazing research, that has been carried out those people are still living a good life after having treatment.” 

Liana Clark Year 8 120k walk

“The hardest part was every day going out and doing my challenge for 5 days in a row. But when I completed my challenge, I felt proud of myself.” 

Max Bassey Year 8 25k Run 


The kindness and compassion these students share are notably heart warming and we are so proud to celebrate their successes and achievements.

The challenge not only benefited the student’s wellbeing whilst in lock down, by giving them a goal to strive for but has also showed positivity and the act of togetherness.


We are so proud of all the hard work the students have put into supporting such a noble cause.


They have overcome barriers, problem solved and shown excellence in all their fundraising efforts.


We couldn’t be any prouder of our Westgate community and would like to thank all of those that helped to support our students along the way.

“I would definitely do this again as we have raised so much money that could help so many people around the world.” 

Pranava Belman Tantry year 8 100k cycling


Please follow the link below to the Just Giving page, that has been created to support the fundraising and track the donations made 


“I feel like we made people happy so I am just I'm really happy that we could do that” Nate Orlando (Year 8).