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Mrs Corby - Director of Learning

As your Director of Learning for Year 11, I am here to support you so you are #equippedforlife. I want to see all students prepared to, confidently, take their next steps in life. With the pressures surrounding GCSE’s, I will try to promote a balance between ensuring you are well-prepared for your exams without compromising your well-being.

I wish for all year 11 students to leave The Westgate School with pride in their successes, achievements and skills needed to become our next leaders of the world. 

What happens this year?

As you embark on finishing your Key Stage 4 learning, you will be well prepared to take your GCSE examinations. This year you will have to make very important decisions about your next steps in education and decide on the choices available to you:

* Continue at The Westgate School 6th form.

* Attend an alternative 6th form.

* Attend a college.

* Join an apprenticeship programme.

* Begin a work based-learning programme.

What to look out for this year?

You will have many opportunities this year to help prepare for your next steps… Make sure you regularly check your emails for exciting opportunities and get involved with events organised for you: 

* 6th form taster sessions.

* Careers interviews throughout the year.

* Open evenings at local colleges and the Westgate 6th form.

* Mock exams take place in December with a ‘results day’ assembly in January.

* Attend revision/support sessions after-school.

* Apply to be part of a year 11 committee: prom, student voice, leavers or charity.

* GCSE examinations begin in May and conclude in June.

* End of year celebration: Year 11 Prom (June).

* GCSE results day in August.

How will I support you?

Throughout the year, I will track and monitor your academic progress using assessment data, APRs and teacher/tutor feedback. This will enable me to support you in the following ways:

* Lead support groups or arrange for you to attend subject specific support.

* Work with you in lessons – catch your success in action.

* Liaise with your teachers, parents/guardians to set specific SMART targets in order for you to make progress.

* Help you prepare for further education interviews.

My door is always open, if you need to talk or you have an idea you would like share then please come and speak to me… You will find me in G08. Good luck this year!