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Mrs Embleton - Director of Learning

Welcome Year 8, you are now no longer the youngest in the school! So the expectations placed on you are higher than they were last year. This is to ensure you are realising or exceeding your potential.

My job as your Director of Learning is to support you with exactly this.

I am here to support you and will do so by constant communication with Staff, Students and Parents/Guardians. This will provide you with the crucial information that guarantees #betterneverstops within our Year 8 cohort.

What happens this year?

You will be completing the final year of your Westgate6 programme which will provide you with the necessary skills to be #equippedforlife.

Unit 1: Communication – During this unit you will be tested and challenged on what it takes to be an Effective Communicator as well as problem solving and becoming an Adaptable Leader.

Unit 2: Reflection – This unit will require you consider all aspects of a situation in particular being critical of yourself to ensure you continue improving. In order to be critical of yourself you have to ensure you are a Resilient Learner to any setbacks whilst also being an Analytical Thinker when creating solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Unit 3: Curiosity – Curiosity may have killed the cat but this unit will require you to be brave with your learning. Taking risks, trying new things as well as being a Creative initiator in the strive for new successes.

Unit 4: Competition – Competition is an important part of life, it enables us to celebrate successes, learn from our mistakes as well as monitor our progress. Within this unit, you will be required to be an Independent Organiser to ensure you are giving yourself the opportunity to be a success as well as an Adaptable Leader in the pursuit of team success

How will I support you?

I will be able to support each one of you through a network of support. I am a big believer in teamwork and empowering others. As a result, you will have a strong Tutor as well as two Form Captains you can rely on for support every Tutor time. Along with this, I hope you come to me with any concerns you may have, as I am here to help and support you.

What to look out for this year?

Exciting Westgate6 Entry and Exit days.

A range of challenging community competitions with exciting prizes on offer.

Beginning the process exploring subjects ready for your GCSE Year 9 options

The opportunity to support the school as a Tour Guide for the October Open Evening

Looking forward to the year ahead.