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Mr Paxman - Director of Learning 

What happens this year?

Y9 is all about consolidating your knowledge across a variety of subjects and ensuring you have a good understanding of each to allow for an informed choice later in the year when selecting your OPTIONS for GCSE. This process will start to happen from January.

You will be expected to uphold the school’s values and community spirit by engaging positively in all Tutor activities throughout the year, including fundraising events and Sports Day.

There will be opportunities to develop as a young adult and you will be strongly encouraged to participate in as many activities as is possible.

How will I support you?

My main role is to help you achieve your academic potential and to strive to be the best you can be so that you are #equippedforlife.

Your subject teachers will be completing your APR’s, and I will be monitoring these throughout the year. YOUR behaviour, YOUR attendance and YOUR punctuality is equally important in making sure that you reach your potential this year.

A variety of rewards will be given to celebrate your achievements and encourage you. Interventions will also be applied to assist when you may be underachieving or simply need guidance to support you in this learning journey.

I will also communicate with home to continue to help you be the best you can be

What to look out for this year?

There are always new ventures available to you and therefore I would ask that you remain positive and open towards anything and everything that comes your way in Y9, from applying to be a Peer mentor at KS4, trips abroad, training as part of a school team or the options process. There will be many success stories throughout the year and I wish you well.