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Personal Development Workshops

Today's children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world, seamlessly living their lives both online and offline. This presents numerous positive and exciting opportunities, but it also brings forth challenges and risks. In this environment, children and young people need to acquire the knowledge necessary to stay safe, healthy, and to effectively manage their academic, personal, and social lives in a positive manner.

To confront the challenges of building a happy and successful adult life, students require knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their well-being, health, relationships, and to enhance their self-efficacy. This knowledge equips students with the ability to make sound decisions when encountering risks, challenges, and complex situations. Everyone encounters difficult situations in their lives. These subjects can support young people in developing resilience, knowing how and when to seek help, and understanding where to access support.

Upcoming Workshops

During the week beginning 20th May, we're thrilled to host Artemi Sakellariadis, Director of the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education, who will conduct workshops for our students on protected characteristics and fostering inclusivity within our community. This aligns perfectly with our upcoming PSHE topic centered on equality and diversity.

Previous Workshops

Peter Radford - Extremism in the online world

We had the incredible privilege of hosting Peter Radford for workshops that left a lasting impact on both students and staff!

The accomplished public speaker, teacher, trainer, and author, shared his wealth of experience in leadership, management, personal development, and education with us. His workshops focused on the pressing issue of extremism, particularly in the online world.

In his current role, Peter collaborates with businesses, organisations, and schools to shape strategies, create momentum, and navigate the challenges of change. His expertise is not only impressive but also deeply inspiring.

MADE Training - Getting students exam ready

We are thrilled to share that we've taken a proactive step to empower our Year 11, 12, and 13 students in their exam journey.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Matt Smith from MADE Training for an informative 'Exams MADE Easy' workshop for Year 11, and 'Rapid Fire Revision' sessions for Year 12 and 13.

Our goal is to provide our students with essential skills that will make their revision and exam preparation a breeze.

Curious to learn more? Head over to the MADE Training website at https://www.made-training.com/ for additional information.

The Schools Consent project - Legal Education Story

The Schools Consent Project delivered insightful hour-long workshops to all our incredible students. These sessions covered a range of crucial topics, including the legal definition of consent, identifying consent, bystander intervention, ages of consent, responding to disclosures, and avenues to seek help.

The workshops were not your typical lectures—they engaged students through a series of fun and interactive games and exercises, gently challenging misconceptions and fostering safer, healthier interactions.

By adopting a legal approach, The Consent Project addressed subjects that might otherwise be challenging or taboo. The aim? To give our young minds agency, ensuring they fully understand the laws surrounding sex and consent. Knowledge is power, and these workshops empower our students to make informed and sensible decisions.

Please see their website for more: https://www.schoolsconsentproject.com/ 

SEGRO and Learning To Work - The Annual SEGRO Challenge

Our talented Year 9 students embarked on a thrilling adventure at the annual SEGRO Challenge, skillfully organised by our amazing partners at Learning to Work.

Teaming up with SEGRO and Waites Construction professionals, our students delved into the vibrant world of the Slough Trading Estate. They were set a challenge – to unleash their creativity and innovation for a new business concept at 201 Bedford Avenue, all while upholding SEGRO’s pillars of Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability. 

Our students, working collaboratively, crafted incredible ideas such as Go Carting tracks, an Animal play park and supermarket. Yet, it was Team Exodus that stole the show with their groundbreaking proposal – rentable office space for smaller companies, adorned with eco-friendly solar panels, a bug hotel, indoor trees, and units opening onto a communal garden. Their vision included a hub library, IT space, catering area, and ample on-site parking. The judges were really impressed with their outstanding teamwork and commitment to the project, earning them the highest marks during the presentation. 

Now, we're thrilled to announce that Team Project Exodus is heading to the final in December, competing against other schools! We wish them the best of luck as they showcase their innovation and passion on a broader stage.

A huge shoutout to Learning to Work for their continuous support in shaping careers and fostering enterprise at Westgate through the annual SEGRO Challenge. Special thanks to the dedicated professionals who worked side by side with our students, sharing valuable insights into their career pathways and job roles.

Rabbits RSE - Empowering the next generation

We had the privilege of hosting a transformative workshop dedicated to the well-being and future success of our children and young people. In an increasingly complex world, where the boundaries between online and offline life blur, it's crucial for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities.

The workshop focused on arming students with the skills to make informed decisions about their well-being, health, relationships, and self-efficacy. In a world where complex situations and risks are inevitable, this knowledge is their compass to lead them towards a safe, positive, and successful future.

At the heart of our commitment to empowering our youth, Rabbits RSE sessions played a pivotal role. These engaging and informative sessions, delivered by Laura, aim to bridge the gap between adults and young people when it comes to relationships and sex. The topics have been thoughtfully selected based on conversations with students, school staff, and parents throughout the year.

At the conclusion of every session, there's an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback, ensuring that the needs and concerns of our young generation are addressed comprehensively.

Surya Nagpal - Career Insight at Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form students had the honour of hosting a special guest, Surya Nagpal, a 3rd Year professional at the global business consultancy firm Ernst & Young. 

In a power-packed hour, Surya shared invaluable wisdom on alternative pathways beyond University – the world of apprenticeships! He offered priceless advice on the application and interview process for degree apprenticeships, which are known for their fierce competition.

This session was all about empowering our students with the knowledge and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their future.

Big thanks to Surya for shedding light on these exciting opportunities!