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🧠Empowering Minds: Peter Radford Workshops On Extremism In The Online World📱

Last week was truly enlightening as we had the incredible privilege of hosting Peter Radford for workshops that left a lasting impact on both students and staff! The accomplished public speaker, teacher, trainer, and author, shared his wealth of experience in leadership, management, personal development, and education with us. His workshops focused on the pressing issue of extremism, particularly in the online world.

In his current role, Peter collaborates with businesses, organisations, and schools to shape strategies, create momentum, and navigate the challenges of change. His expertise is not only impressive but also deeply inspiring.

We're grateful for the valuable insights Peter brought to Westgate, empowering us to meet the challenges ahead and achieve our goals!

Parents... stay tuned for an informative video which will be released soon on our website to give you some insight into what the workshops were all about!