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📖My Sixth Form Story - By Shania, A

Introducing Shania, a remarkable Year 13 student from our Westgate Sixth Form, whose future shines brighter than ever! Dive into her inspiring journey as she shares the incredible experiences and stories that have shaped her Sixth Form years.

Here is her story: 
My name is Shania and I have been a student at Westgate for 7 years. I currently study A – Level Psychology, English, and History. 

Within Sixth Form, I have been given many leadership opportunities and utilised my newfound position of Head Girl to create positive change to the school and support the community. 

Juggling an EPQ, A- Levels, job and Head Girl position has not been easy and has caused undue stress. However, my Head of Year and other supportive members of staff have aided me throughout the past year and a half to help make school life a lot easier.

Creating new memories throughout Sixth Form has been really important, as these are to be the best years of our lives, and the last we will spend together before our next steps. 

Performing in the Christmas concert and supporting the staff during the event, our Thorpe Park trip and working with Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice have been great memories to create. 

The jump from GCSEs to Sixth Form was academically difficult, however, staff have been incredibly helpful and considerate of circumstances or amount of workload. The Westgate Sixth Form community is strong and attentive and push you to be productive and successful.

Currently, I am prepping for summer examinations, and I aim to study Psychology at University and progress into a career with the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist.

- Shania, A