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­čôŁEmpowering Year 11's at Abbvie

Our Year 11 Abbvie students took part in a session on January 22nd, centred around the concept of Marginal Gains. Led by the staff at Abbvie, the session delved into the practical application of marginal gains and being 1% better.

Students actively participated in dissecting their previous mock results, engaging in one-on-one sessions with Abbvie and Westgate staff. This personalised approach empowered them to identify specific areas for improvement and develop targeted strategies for their academic growth. The session also featured an engaging English session led by Mr. Lilley, further enhancing the holistic learning experience.

Feedback from our students speaks volumes with words such as 'Helpful, Reflective, Informative, Comforting'. This session not only empowered our Year 11 students to envision continuous improvement but fostered a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

What our students thought:

  • "The session was extremely helpful, a good overview of how my future grades could look"
  • "I loved talking to Emily (Abbvie) and understanding what I need to improve on to achieve better results in the next mocks"
  • "This was a great session. I think I've seen deeper into my personal things I needed to improve and I felt that discussing that with George (Abbvie) made it easier. A lot of great messages to take away from today"
  • "Helpful - a way to improve revision collectively using marginal gains"