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📖My Sixth Form Story - By Anonymous Year 13 Student

Hear from one of our Year 13 Westgate Sixth Formers and join us as we unravel his inspiring journey in Sixth Form so far...

Here is his story:

“I am an internal student who has been at Westgate from Year 7 all the way to Year 13, completing A-Levels this summer. For many, Sixth Form can be overwhelming. However, support from teachers has ensured that all Sixth Form students have a smooth sailing journey. I am currently studying Maths, Business and Psychology and aspire to work in the Finance industry. Working out future career plans is a struggle for many, but the Sixth Form Leadership Team has made sure all individuals were provided with the necessary support to complete their UCAS applications or even alternatively supporting students who don’t want to go University via degree apprenticeship applications. Transitioning from GCSEs to A-Levels was intense as the workload had massively increased. Despite this, I found that as these were 3 subjects, I was passionate about with teachers who valued their students that the transition process was much easier.

During my time at Sixth Form, I have made multiple memories that won’t be forgotten. Firstly, the Thorpe Park trip was one for many as the students were given a break from exam stress and had the opportunity to bond with friends. Another notable mention was the Royal Holloway Trip which allowed all Sixth Form students to gain a hands-on experience on what it is like to be a University student which was crucial as these are the next steps into our student life. In Year 12 the school also attended the Ascot Careers Fair which provided multiple insights into the various fields that students can get into accompanied with advice from professionals in those industries. This was a massive support for students who were struggling to find the right career path for them.” ~Anonymous Year 13 Sixth Form Student