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Year 8 Trip To Boulogne, France!

More than 40 Year 8 students had an early start recently so that they could enjoy a day trip to Boulogne

After travelling over on the ferry, students were able to explore the old walled town centre.  Some used their language skills to buy souvenirs, including the all-important beret, though a few students were less than impressed with their mystery bag from Sephora! We then enjoyed a traditional French crêpe in a village café, as well as a game of boule in the sunshine. The final visit of the day was to a French bakery, where students learned about the baking process and were able to help prepare the next day’s fayre.

Students of both Spanish and French had to focus and understand the baker’s instructions which were 100% in French! Ooh là là! The students were a credit to the school and many thanks go to Mr Luke, Ms Siddiqui, Mr Root, Ms Tippins and Ms Root for making the trip possible, we hope you managed some rest!