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đŸŒ†Bristol Trip - Year 11 Humanities

Last week, the Humanities and some support staff members took 66 year 11 pupils on a Geography GCSE fieldtrip to Bristol town centre, to gather evidence about urban regeneration for one of their exams. After a 1 ½ hour trip we arrived at the coach stop and moved to the first survey point.

The weather did not look like it was going to be kind to us, and it started drizzling gently even as we gave out instructions. The pupils, however, did not complain, and were just keen to get on and carry out their tasks.

The pupils needed to gather environmental quality surveys and questionnaires from various locations in the town that had different levels of investment. The idea was to see if the areas that had money spent on them were significantly better than those areas that had not.

The weather cleared up as we went north to the Stokes Croft area and looked at the area of town that is renowned for its local artists and graffiti, and then moved towards one of the jewels in Bristol’s crown, the Cabot Circus shopping centre. It was here we let the pupils go to lunch and ask members of the public their opinions on the regeneration as well as conduct more environmental surveys. This was the time when the rain fell at its heaviest, but thankfully the pupils could take shelter and still get on with their data gathering.

After lunch, we made our way through several other areas via the banks of the river Avon until we reached the Harbourside redevelopment, including Millenium Square and its restaurant quarter.

Once again, the students took their surveys and checked out the area overlooking the area and how dramatically it had been altered in recent years.

Once we had completed our last surveys, it only remained for us to have a comfort break before boarding the coaches for our trip back to Slough.

Another successful and enjoyable trip, thanks to the excellent conduct of the pupils, and the amazing support of the staff.

By Mr Inniss, Geography teacher at Westgate