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📖Dive into Knowledge: Our Top Reads of the Month!⭐️

Calling all book lovers! 📖✨ The shelves of our school library have been buzzing with excitement as students have been gobbling up some amazing books this month.

Reading isn't just a pastime; it's a passport to new worlds, perspectives, and ideas. We want to inspire our students to understand the incredible importance of reading, so here are some of the most-loved books that have graced our library lately:

These books aren't just stories; they are keys to unlocking your potential, broadening your horizons, and nurturing your imagination. So, grab a book, get lost in its pages, and discover the magic of reading!

The library is currently open 8am-3.30pm Monday-Friday and is staffed by our Library Manager (Ms Mulligan) and our Library Assistant (Mrs Mansbridge). We welcome staff and students before school, during break and lunch times, and after school. Sixth formers are also welcome to study in the library during their free periods through the day.