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šŸ’¼Workplace Safari event at Iris Software, Heathrow Approach HQ

As part of our continued commitment to ensuring that our students are well-informed and ready to make the right choices for post 16 options, we were delighted to take a group of Year 10 Business Studies students to attend a Workplace Safari event at Iris Software’s Heathrow Approach HQ this week.

We were treated to a superb visit where students learnt from the Product Managers, Software Engineering Manager and Talent Programme Advisor about life at work in their company.  The students were immediately impressed with the modern and spacious offices and especially the pool table and coffee machine in the break area!

During the session with José, students were tasked with understanding how new product project management works, and how to work as a team to complete the first stage of development. They were surprised to have only one ‘fold’ each whilst making their team paper aeroplanes which, when completed for testing, were expected to fly 10 metres. Students learnt about SCRUM meetings and the importance of regular team contact points to report on development issues and ideas. They learnt from Talent Programme Advisor Charlotte, more about Iris’ clients and products in the Accounting, Education, Payroll, Sales & Marketing and Legal sectors. 

Students were impressed with the high volume of clients supported by Iris. Product Manager Alex took us through her education and career journey and explained more about her role, which is client facing and working with teams to develop new and adapted bespoke software solutions.  Damion took us through his career journey to become a Software Engineering Manager and how AI is now a major factor in developing software.

Students were happy to meet the team and experience the office environment, they were engaged and confident throughout, and a few have indicated that they are now considering Software Engineering as a career. We learnt that if you can code you can work anywhere and earn very well!  We are extremely grateful to the team at Iris for their time and efforts, and we are lucky to have been invited back with another group of students this academic year. 

By Mrs Green - Careers Leader