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🏛️Legal Tour in London with the Social Science department!👩‍⚖️

Their journey took them to the heart of justice as 15 sixth form students explored the legal world in London. Starting with a train ride, they met with their guide at The Royal Courts of Justice, home to the High Court and the Court of Appeal for England and Wales. With 122 courtrooms, they delved into history and learnt about the barristers who frequent those hallowed halls.

The highlight of the day? Sitting in the public gallery of an appeal hearing! They listened intently as the prosecution argued against a 34-year murder sentence decrease. It was a glimpse into the real-life drama that usually unfolds on our screens.

Post-lunch adventures led them through Lincolns Inn to the iconic Old Bailey. Access to public galleries allowed them to witness live court sessions, including murder cases and an honor crime trial. The experience was nothing short of fascinating and surreal, considering we usually encounter these legal intricacies through a television screen.

Such an unforgettable and eye-opening experience! We're already looking forward to the possibility of running this trip again next year. Stay tuned for more legal adventures!