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📢Making a Noise About Bullying!🚫

At Westgate, we're passionate about fostering a safe and inclusive environment for our students. We've woven the anti-bullying message into every corner of our curriculum during anti-bullying week, ensuring that our students not only learn but actively engage in standing against bullying.

In music lessons, our students delved into the lyrics of impactful songs that take a stand against bullying, while in English classes, they explored the power of spoken word and poetry to spread the message of unity. Even our maths equations are getting in on the action, incorporating anti-bullying themes!

Our students are not just learning about anti-bullying; they're also expressing their stance through art. Additionally, we recently celebrated 'Odd Socks Day,' embracing the uniqueness that defines us all!

But that's not all – our Head Student Leadership Team has been actively leading the charge. They've delivered insightful assemblies to each year group and even produced a special segment on 'Westgate Weekly' to educate students and parents on identifying, addressing, and combatting bullying.

Excitingly, we're introducing an Anti-Bullying Charter to further fortify our commitment. This Charter Mark is a comprehensive tool involving the entire school community to create positive change. Our students are stepping up as anti-bullying ambassadors, playing a pivotal role in supporting their peers. 

We're loud and proud about our commitment to eradicating bullying, and we encourage every student to raise their voice if they ever experience or witness bullying. 🛑 If you or someone you know needs support, reach out to our safeguarding team at Remember, a trusted adult in the school is always there to listen and help. 📧