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Slough Urban Renewal lead Westgate6 workshop

Year 8 students were introduced to Slough Urban Renewal (SUR) and were challenged to plan, design and create a building that would benefit Slough and its local community.

Slough is enjoying an epic period of rejuvenation and renewal. SUR is about creating iconic buildings, open spaces and connectivity, enhancing and improving local schools, providing high-quality new homes and leisure facilities.

The outcome of the day was sensational and students were given the opportunity to find out more about the building industry and its associated careers. Students chose a job role, ranging from Landscape Gardener to Project Manager to Architect. They successfully worked in teams of 14 and the ideas generated were sensational. The day showcased their knowledge and skills of being effective communicators and adaptable leaders as well as many more skills that students have been developing throughout the curriculum in Westgate6.

“I really enjoyed the day and loved that we could use bricks and water to create a real building of our idea. We worked well as a team and I learnt lots about the different roles within the building industry as well as what pathways to take to gain a successful job in the industry” Caitlin – HW63KO.

“I am very proud of the Year 8 students and would like to thank Slough Urban Renewal and the Central Berkshire Education Business Partnership for delivering such a fun and exciting day. All students were fully engaged and we can’t wait for next year already!” Miss K.O’Neill – Director of Learning.

Click here for photos of the event