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Geography Fieldtrip to Henley River and Rowing Museum

Year 11 Geography students examined flood management techniques and tourism in Henley.

The trip to Henley River and Rowing Museum was a great success. The students undertook learning based around flood management, its causes, impacts and prevention in the town of Henley, as well as the impacts of tourism in the area. They were ably supported with resources and activities provided by the excellent tutor we were provided with at the museum.

“The practical aspects of the trip were very helpful for understanding the physical processes of the river” – John, Year 11 student.

“I really enjoyed the geography trip because we got to see the river up close and experience going into town and asking questions” Saanah, Year 11 student.

“The group were engaged and enthusiastic in undertaking the activities throughout the day and the tutor that took the sessions was very impressed with the conduct of all the pupils, they did themselves and the school proud” Mr Inniss, Geography Teacher.