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Safe Drive: Stay Alive!

Year 12 took part in the Safe Drive: Stay Alive event at The Wycombe Swan on Wednesday 14th November 2018.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is produced by a road safety partnership including Thames Valley and Hampshire Police, local councils and emergency services. Students were invited to watch this presentation delivered by Paramedics, Fire Brigade Personnel, First Responders, parents who had lost their children in road traffic accidents, young drivers who were involved in accidents. This was a very hard-hitting presentation.

"Today's trip was eye opening, and was especially effective to people our age, as driving is now an open and exciting possibility to us. The people at Safe drive relive their stories so we never have to go through what they did. They taught us to stop and think, which might one day save our lives." (Tia, Year 12)

"Campaigns like Safe Drive are so important for our young people. They need to be educated in the impact that unsafe driving can have on all people involved and the long-term ramifications. It was difficult to watch but a message that needs to be shared." Mrs Ashraf.