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World Book Day at Windsor Castle

Student librarians and dedicated readers attend a library trip to Windsor Castle on World Book Day.

On Thursday, 7 March, twenty students from Years 7, 8 and 9 were invited on a trip to Windsor Castle for a special World Book Day celebration. This trip was sponsored by the school library as a reward for student librarians and for students who have shown success and commitment to their reading progress in Accelerated Reader this year. Students were able to go through the State Apartments and St George’s Chapel to visit different book-related stations. Each stop had unique resources from the royal collection on display and a curator at each point to talk to students about the books and related objects. Some of the collection items students were able to see and learn about included: books given as gifts on State Visits to The Queen, a variety of books from the Royal Library that were bound in unusual materials (such as snakeskin and tortoiseshell), books that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had given each other as gifts (including notes they had inscribed inside the books), a demonstration from The Royal Bindery staff on how they make books by hand (including books they make for the Royal Family), and historic documents of burials in St George’s Chapel (including manuscripts and even locks of hair from Charles I and Edward IV!). It was a great opportunity for students to celebrate their successes so far this year, to learn about the rich history of books and to access historic resources rarely seen by the public.

‘As a Head Student Librarian, I got an amazing opportunity to visit Windsor Castle for World Book Day. I have to be honest, it was one of the best trips I’ve been on. There we got to see some amazing historic books given to The Queen and The Princes made out of different types of animal skins. Personally, my favourite part was seeing how books are made by hand to give to different guests of The Queen. Being a Head Student Librarian is an amazing and fun job. If you love books, come to the library and apply’ – Mahnoor, Year 9

‘The castle was gigantic! It was tranquil and very interesting. On display there are all sorts of pistols, spears and shotguns in a circle. We saw images of animals (some were real like a moose but some were not real like a phoenix), images of sailors and armour. We learned how to make a book by hand and went to the chapel to find out how Kings’ tombs were found like Charles I, Henry VIII and Edward VI. Finally, we went to the navigation demonstration and the Greeks used stars to see where they were and it was very accurate. The castle is beautiful and I learned so many things. I am very thankful that I could go. ‘ Veer, Year 8

‘World Book Day is a celebration of all things related to books and reading and it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to tie this into local history and give our group of students the unique experience of learning about items from the Royal Collection. It was a trip to Windsor Castle unlike any other and such a pleasure to be able to reward our hard-working students!’ Ms Mulligan, LRC Manager

Click here for photos of the event.