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Year 8 Visits the London Museums

W6 Entry point field trip for 'Curiosity'

In Years 7 and 8, students at The Westgate School have a bespoke curriculum called ‘Westgate 6’. This involves focusing on a ‘big idea’ each half term which supports the development of each student to be equipped for life.  The curriculum aims to make every student an effective communicator, resilient learner, adaptable leader, analytical thinker, creative initiator and independent organiser. In year 8, students have one lesson a week in learning sets with a learning leader to specifically focus on these skills and on Thursday 26th January, 167 Year 8 students visited three different museums in London for their ‘Curiosity’ Entry Day. The year group split into three groups and each group visited a different museum of The Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum or The Science Museum. Students were encouraged to be as curious as possible and they had the task of completing a booklet that encouraged them to be curious as well as to increase their knowledge. Each museum offered the Year 8 students different experiences. On returning back to school on Friday students were able to share their own experiences of their trip. On Thursday 26th January the Science Museum saw the arrival of the capsule in which the famous astronaut Tim Peake landed back onto earth and two of The Westgate School students were lucky enough to appear on BBC Live News! Cameron Hazell and Ellis Narewski represented our school in their fantastic and inspiring interview. Ellis says “It was a fantastic experience being on TV and the museum was a brilliant day! I learnt lots and cannot wait to go back!”