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Harry Potter event 2017

Westgate’s Harry Potter fans celebrated JK Rowling’s fantastic series in the LRC

The Learning Resource Centre hosted 35 students on Thursday, 2 February, for the annual celebration of Harry Potter Books. After school, students lined up outside the LRC, anxious to enter the Potter themed Library and be sorted into their Hogwart’s houses. With the Sorting Hat’s job done, the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins eagerly completed their Hogwarts tasks. From planting Mandrakes (with ear defenders securely in place) to a round of ‘Pin the Scar on Harry’ and bean bag ‘Quidditch’, students competed with enthusiasm and even took time out to pass through Platform 9 ¾ and have a chat with Professor Dumbledor. To cap the celebration off, students competed in their houses to test their knowledge of the series with a Harry Potter quiz. Students’ knowledge of the book series was impressive all round but the Ravenclaws prevailed, gaining the most house points and winning the competition!

 "Thank you to Ms Mulligan and Ms Humphrey for organising Harry Potter Night as this  was spectacular for people who were big Harry Potter fans". said Ahmed Umer, Year 7

 Shamila Bashir from Year 8 said "This was such fun and exciting"

"I loved the delightful snacks and loved the fun activities" said Charley Thomas, Year 7

"I really enjoyed it because we got to eat and try new foods and play games, have fun with lots of quizzes and games and even got to plant a ‘Mandrake’ seed in a pot" said Eleanor Savage, Year 8

"Harry Potter night was fun" said Ilham Elbakkali, Year 10. "I made new friends and met new people.  All together I thought the event was really fun!"


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