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Christmas Concert 2018

The Christmas Concert was a great success with over 200 audience members and 410 students from year groups across the school performing. The Music Department have been working hard since September 2018 to prepare a varied and creative concert for all to enjoy.

Performances included a Battle between the W side Year 9 music classes with one class performing the famous Beatles song “Let It Be” whilst the other performed the upbeat disco classic “Blame It On The Boogie”. Other performances included Ukulele Club, Westgate Function Band and Year 13 singer, Roxanne singing ‘What A Beautiful Name’. This was Roxanne’s last Christmas Concert after studying at The Westgate School since Year 7. 

Jenna in Year 8 blew audience members away with her performance of ‘Where Is The Love’. Her performance was confident, convincing and energetic. Jenna said “I loved every minute of it!”

This years concert saw the introduction of a Close Vocal Harmony group which consisted of 5 female vocalists ranging from Year 8 to Year 13 and their performance of ‘Silent Night’ showcased their amazing musical ability to perform hard harmonies. 

The Music Department are so very proud of all students involved and would like to thank all staff and audience members for attending the concert.