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Westgate is Proud to Support the NHS and Community Care

Essential PPE donations delivered to grateful organisations

During the Covid-19 crisis, Westgate wanted to ensure that we were supporting our students and families with care and compassion, and with excellent remote learning resources and safeguarding. In addition, we were keen to find a way to make a small difference to our awesome NHS and Care workers, as well as support the enduring work of the Slough CVS volunteers and co-ordinators.  Head of Technology, Mr Edwards got straight onto it with her creativity and skills to produce protective face visors using polypropylene folders and acetate, after scouring the school’s cupboards to find the materials. With help from the students that are attending school, Mrs Edwards delivered the first ‘batch’ to Wexham Park Hospital and they were extremely grateful.  When the word spread that Westgate was ‘in production’ it became clear that the visors were more important than was expected!  Those cupboards also gave up their stocks of 300 goggles, 3 cases of gloves, and 500 P2 grade face masks from Tech and Science, and 3 large rolls of plastic aprons from the SEN te

Materials were used up very quickly, so Mrs Green rallied her contacts on LinkedIn and Slough Business Community Partnership to source donations of Acetate. We were thrilled we got the call that Karl Storz Endoscopy company had 200 sheets ready for collection. This meant that we had 200 new masks made and delivered to Slough CVS the very next day (with our small ‘distant’ production line of Ms Edwards, Mrs Green and Mrs Miller).

The generosity of donations from Karl Storz, Run Print Run, John Crane and Alumni students including Suman Krishan means that we have now delivered over 650 visors and we have the materials to make 400 more!

Ms Edwards said “I knew that there must be a way that we could use our technology to support the NHS and now that we are being asked for them directly by the care homes too, we are making visors to order. I am so happy to have made a difference to the key workers”

Mrs Green said “In my role as Careers Leader, we have been lucky to have the learning support and careers guidance of so many Slough organisations, and I knew that our companies would try to help us with sourcing the materials to carry on. When our Alumni students helped by sharing the messages and even donating themselves, it means that #teamwestgate determination never stops”. We are looking forward to continuing our creativity and Ms Edwards has now added the inclusion of badges to say thank you from Westgate to the ‘Heroes’ that are keeping us all safe and well every day.

The Westgate School sends a sincere Thank You!  to our NHS workers, Slough CVS, Slough Business Community Partnership and Nightingale, Applegarth, Reach, Abbeyfield, Farnham Care and Forget me Not care homes, our amazing supermarket workers, delivery drivers, pharmacies and GP surgeries.

Stay home, save lives and protect the NHS