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Year 7 Risk Entry Day

This week saw the lunch of the Westgate ‘Risk’ curriculum and once again we welcomed a host of visitors into school to work with students.

Throughout the day the students were invited to attend a carousel of amazing workshops including:

  • Fire Safety, which saw them witnessing a chip pan fire in real time as well as watching a video of a bedroom fire started by leaving straighteners on the duvet (2.24 minutes). In addition students were asked to consider how fires are started and learned about the rules of escaping safety and protecting themselves and their families.
  •  There was a superb First Aid session with NDA Training where students learned about CPR on adults and babies, the recovery position and basic first aid which included lots of bandages!
  • Keith and Nicky from Royal Berks Fire and Rescue’s Road Safety team delivered a hard hitting but crucial session regarding road rules, seat belts, mobile phones and spatial awareness. There were some very interesting statistics and some thought provoking videos as well as a demonstration showing the different outcomes when seats belts are/are not worn.

The event was interactive and fun, relevant and extremely on message to kick- start the Risk curriculum for this half term.

We would like to thank all of the presenters for their valuable time and efforts on our behalf. Students and teachers feedback has been 100% positive:

I would like to give feedback about the fire safety, I thought it was amazing and will really encourage me to cook properly and what to do when a fire starts happening. The Kick fit was really interesting because I now know that I am stronger than how I used to be. The Road Safety was good but at the same time scary, now I know what to say to my parents when if they were on the phone when driving!  I enjoyed the First Aid because just in case my family or friends faint I now know exactly what to do and the risk I have to take. I know that the idea of risk means how to take a risk and what it is in a fun and interesting way. Serine Ladj

When organising such an important event it is important to ensure that the message is right, the delivery of sessions is relevant and that the students are engaged. I was so impressed with the quality of the delivery by the visitors from the organisations and their enthusiasm and engagement with our students. The feedback from students is always very honest and this event has received 100% positivity. Thank you.

Karen Green, Careers and Business Links Officer.

Please click here for photos.