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đŸ“—Personal Development: Book Of The Week

Elevate your week with a dose of inspiration! Head to the library and grab our Personal Development Book Of The Week – 'Moving on Up' by Sarah Brown. Uncover the secrets to personal growth and success. Your journey starts with a turn of the page!

Book Description:

A collection of stories from extraordinary people on the inspirations behind their lives.

Crossroads, turning point, impulse, inspiration, instinct, influence - call it what you will. Each and every one of us have made crucial decisions, and if we're lucky been helped with the right words at the right time. Over 50 of our most talented and courageous figures, from JK Rowling to David Beckham, have come together to give the stories behind their defining moments. As Sarah Brown states - 'dream big and work hard to make it a reality.' 

Available in the school library!