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📖My Sixth Form Story - By Lily, S

Meet Lily, a Year 12 Westgate Sixth Form star with a future as bright as her accomplishments! From school projects to unforgettable moments, dive into her inspiring journey as she shares the incredible experiences and stories that have shaped her Sixth Form years so far.

Here is her story:
“My name is Lily, and I am a Year 12 student at The Westgate School. I take 4 A-level courses; History, Psychology, Art and Spanish.

I am an internal student who started way back in Year 7, and I have stayed on all the way up until Year 12. My journey at Westgate hasn't been anything special, I did school, made friends along the way, and lost some too. I competed in sports all throughout my time in school, even before secondary school. I've competed in athletics competitions up and down the country, and competed for Westgate in tournaments as well. I’ve always had a love for sports and Westgate's wide variety on top of my outside extracurriculars filled that need. Sadly, I couldn't keep up with everything and had to take a pause from sports during my GCSE’s, but my friends and teachers were supportive during them, and I achieved grades that I'm quite happy with.

Considering the wide range of revision sessions and help I was given by my subject teachers at GCSE and even others, I chose to stay on at Westgate as I believed it would be the most beneficial choice I could make for myself. I stand by my decision still now with the new friends I've made and the subjects I've chosen.

I don't quite know yet what I entirely want to do when I am older, but I know I want to go to University and study History, but despite the fact that my future is unknown, I still know that Westgate's teachers and faculty are there to support me every step of the way.”
~Lily, S