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📖My Sixth Form Story - By Selin, M

Meet Selin, a Year 13 Westgate Sixth Form star with a future as bright as her accomplishments! From school projects to unforgettable moments, dive into her inspiring journey as she shares the incredible experiences and stories that have shaped her Sixth Form years so far.

Here is her story:

“My name is Selin, I am currently in Year 13 getting ready for A-Level exams in the summer and I have been taking Psychology, Sociology and Biology as my A-Level subjects at The Westgate School. From the beginning of Year 12, all of the Sixth Form Leadership Team and Head of Sixth Form as well as my subject teachers have been really supportive and welcoming to the school which made me feel really nice and safe in a new school I have never been to while trying to adapt to a different level of workload I have never ever experienced before as A-Levels was a big step up from GCSE’s for me.

There have been multiple memorable times I have experienced in my A-Level journey so far. If I were to choose one, I would either choose the great time I had while helping out at school events like the Christmas Concerts and the Talent Show as it allowed me to see variable talents I have been surrounded by and I wasn’t even aware of or the reward trip to Creams as it made me see the level of acknowledgement my teachers had for my attitude to learning while also having fun with my friends who were also selected for this trip.

Opportunities to visit a University like Royal Holloway and go to a fair filled with multiple Universities also helped me to narrow down the Universities I wanted to apply.

Besides these great times, I also have memories of my teachers supporting me during the times of feeling lost and stressed, especially at the beginning of Year 13, but with the support provided by both my Head of Year and Head of Sixth Form, I was able to gain back my focus. This allowed me to go back to my routine to work towards pursuing my dream of studying Psychology at University.”
~ Selin, M