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📖My Sixth Form Story - By Syeda,F

Meet Syeda, a Year 12 Westgate Sixth Form star with a future as bright as her accomplishments! From school projects to unforgettable moments, dive into her inspiring journey as she shares the incredible experiences and stories that have shaped her Sixth Form years so far.

Here is her story:
“My name is Syeda, currently a Year 12 student at The Westgate School undertaking 3 A-Level courses including Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology.

I am an internal student and joined the school midway in Year 10 in 2021, when I first moved to this country. Amid the stressful mocks and having missed a decent amount of my GCSE course, I was finding ways of adapting to the environment and catching up with all the work I missed. However, due to the school’s supportive environment and my wonderful teachers and friends, I was able to quickly adjust to the school and my GCSE subjects.

Considering all the help I received during my GCSE’s, and the encouraging environment, I decided to aim for the Westgate School’s Sixth Form. So far, I am pleased with the decision I made.

I am an aspiring medical student, and there is a lot of support provided by my teachers. There are numerous opportunities for me to not only develop myself academically, but also some amazing extra-curricular clubs and insight sessions to gain an overview into the career pathway I want to pursue.” ~Syeda, F

We cannot wait to share some more incredible stories, stay tuned!