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đŸ“—Personal Development Book Of The Week - 'Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?'

Elevate your week with a dose of inspiration! Head to the library and grab our Personal Development Book Of The Week – 'Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?' Dr Julie Smith

Uncover the secrets to personal growth and success. Your journey starts with a turn of the page!

Book Description:

Filled with secrets from a therapist's toolkit, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? teaches you how to fortify and maintain your mental health, even in the most trying of times. The book tackles everyday issues and offers practical solutions in bite-sized, easy-to-digest entries which make it easy to quickly find specific information and guidance. Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Packed with proven strategies, Dr Smith's empathetic guide offers a deeper understanding of how your mind works and gives you the insights and help you need to nurture your mental health every day.

Available in the school library!