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📖Reflecting, celebrating, and gearing up for success with team Abbvie!🎉

Team Abbvie concluded our third and final visit on the 21st March focussing on consolidating, reflecting and celebrating having completed 3 years of the programme.

During the visit, students had the opportunity to review their mock exam results and engage in one-to-one discussions with team members to reflect on their achievements and plan their next steps ahead of their upcoming GCSE exams. It was inspiring to see many students so proud of their achievements and progress, with notable improvements from their previous mocks. 

A big emphasis of the session was dedicated to building confidence. Students explored strategies for exuding confidence and tackled potential challenges they might encounter, relating these discussions back to their academic successes. 

As the visit concluded, certificates were presented to our students and they expressed their gratitude to the Abbvie Team for their unwavering dedication and support to our students. The team at Abbvie were deeply moved by the heartfelt appreciation expressed by the students and staff alike.