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Churchill War Rooms - History Trip

Year 12 History students travelled to London to visit the Churchill War Rooms. This small underground museum is a special permanent exhibition part of the Imperial War Museum and shows the Cabinet War Rooms how they were left in August 1945, when the last of the staff turned the lights off and left.

This amazing museum was where, in the darkest days of the Second World War, Churchill and his cabinet took gut-wrenching decisions and directed the war using the best technology of the day; encrypted phones, map rooms, its own internal generator. There is also a section dedicated to Churchill himself, the Churchill Museum, with an exhibition dedicated to the several sides of this complex historical character.

After the visit, there was time to walk the streets of London to see Churchill's statue near the Houses of Parliament, where students were able to reflect on the visit and ultimately on the legacy and the long-term historical significance of the former Prime Minister.

During the visit, the cohort of Year 12 History students were very enthusiastic and engaged with the materials and displays of the museum, while keeping excellent behaviour.

This is not only a credit to not only to the student themselves, but also to The Westgate School in setting and upholding values and high expectations.