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Year 7 Multi-Sport Event!

We are thrilled to highlight the fantastic effort put forth by Talha, Maciej, and Danielle, our Year 12 students, who organised a captivating multi-sport event for our Year 7 students. This event was specifically organised to recognise and appreciate the positive contributions made by the Year 7 students in their PE lessons.

The multi-sport event saw teams students competing in a range of exhilarating sports including football, athletics, bench ball, and dodgeball. The young athletes exhibited exemplary sportsmanship and unwavering enthusiasm throughout the event, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

We must acknowledge the exceptional leadership displayed by our Sixth Formers who took charge of the event, ensuring its smooth execution. Talha, Maciej, and Danielle did an incredible job in organising and coordinating the various sports activities, showcasing their dedication and passion for sports. The success of the event was further enhanced by the invaluable support provided by a select group of Year 10 students. Their assistance and participation in the event played a vital role in creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere for all the participants.

A huge well done to our winning team: 

Isabella, Arjun and Aaishi.