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­čĆÇStarting the Year 10 basketball season with a slam dunk!

Our Year 10 Basketball team dominated the court in their first game of the year against Beechwood! It was a friendly match, but the competition was fierce, giving every player a chance to shine on the court, they were able to showcase their skills, making it a thrilling and competitive experience.

The final score? Westgate soared with 30 points, leaving Beechwood with 10 points.

Big shoutout to our MVP, Iris G, who dominated with 12 points! Huge applause to the entire team who brought their A-game, with stellar performances from Emmanuel C, Mmoloki C, Zyronn R, Myles F, Kelechi C, Joshua S, and Michael S!

Facing off against some tough Year 11 players from Beechwood made it even more exciting in the final two quarters! Way to go, team! Let's keep the momentum going!