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🏰Sixth Form Trip to Windsor Castle!

A huge shoutout to our lovely students Maisie and Qasim for sharing their incredible experiences on their recent journey to Windsor Castle!

English students were taken on a literary adventure as they explored an original copy of Shakespeare's first folio, dating back 400 years! The plays, preserved as the Bard intended, offered a unique insight into the evolution of language and structure over time, setting the stage for deeper contextual and critical analyses that will enrich their understanding of Shakespeare's masterpieces, especially as Sixth Form students dive into constructing their exam pieces on Hamlet. 

There was also a historical twist to the trip, shedding light on the Jacobaean and Elizabethan eras. From exploring artefacts from the British Empire to delving into the historical context of monarchs and their impact on literature, their journey was a captivating exploration of literary history.

The students were thrilled at the purchase of a small toy in the souvenir shop which has now become the class mascot!