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The Great Jewellery Heist at Baylab in Reading

Year 10 Science students attend forensics workshop using there scientific skills to solve a crime!

The trip provided students with exciting hands-on practical Biology challenges in state of the art laboratories. During the workshop, students gained insight into what it would be like to work in a forensics lab investigating a fictional crime scene. The students were able to solve the case using modern molecular biological techniques to analyse DNA samples.

It was a great introduction in to genetics and forensic analysis, learning how scientists would approach a crime scene situation and how to pour and load gels - processes that many students do not have practical exposure to before attending university.

“I have been exposed to amazing experiences and learnt a lot, it was a mix of fun and educational.” Adna, Year 10 Student.

“The forensics workshop at Baylab was a fantastic opportunity for the students to apply their scientific skills and knowledge to solve the mystery of a great jewellery heist. From micro-pipetting to electrophoresis, the student solved the case with all fingers pointing to Suspect D.” Mrs Corby – Deputy Curriculum leader of Science.

Click here for photos of the event