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A journey to the Museum of Brands

On the 22nd of May 2018, Year 10 Business Studies students were giving the opportunity to visit the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London.

The opportunity empowered our students to see in action branding and the influence of customer needs in the shape and form of a brand. The students handled pieces from the Robert Opie collection. They were also giving the opportunity to analyse how brands are targeting their customers. Moreover, during the workshop, the students produced in-depth profiles of customers with the challenge to create collaged images to express the way brands are communicating to that specific audience group.

“I like how the different brands that we use every day have changed throughout the years. In addition, the workshop was interactive and fun, we had an actual product in front of us and we had to think of how we can target change it to make it appealing to different customer”- Kiran, T10KBM.

“I liked how we were actually involved in the workshop instead of just listening. I also ENJOYED the chance to see how a brand has evolved over many years. Especially seeing brand we have now, looking back at how it all started and how the packaging and everything changed.” – Krish, P101.

“The collection of brands in the Museum was truly evocative and inspiring. Our students had the opportunity to look back at the history of brands that were around when we were younger. The workshop was especially engaging as it allowed our students to be creative, look at customer profiles, and adapt a brand to suit the different customer needs. A very enjoyable trip, glad we took them there!” – Miss Ahmed, Business Studies.