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Author Mark Walden Visit

Year 8 students were treated to an author visit with Mark Walden in our week-long celebration of World Book Day.

On 9th March, one day after World Book Day, we hosted the author Mark Walden for a visit with our Year 8 students. After spending several years producing video games, Mark decided that maybe he should try to write a book instead; a book that would be as entertaining for young people as video games. Mark wrote the first H.I.V.E. novel and his love of all things villainous was born. H.I.V.E. (or the Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is currently an eight-book series following students at a top-secret school where they learn to become criminal masterminds. His talk explained why villains are the best characters in all forms of literature and entertainment and the importance of great villains in driving plots forward and how to write great, convincing bad-guys. Students also had the chance to ask Mark an array of difficult questions (such as ‘who was the villain: Tom or Jerry?’). It was an author visit unlike most others!

‘The author visit was very interesting because he said that supervillains were better than superheroes! The books he was talking about sounded interesting and he also read an extract out of his book.’ – Siaym, Year 8.

‘Author visits are always a fantastic opportunity to expose our students to creative processes, career options, and to enjoy the chance to meet and hear from an author whose books they love. Mark Walden’s books have been a real hit amongst Year 8, so to host him at The Westgate School was a real treat and the twist of having a talk in defence of villains kept everyone on their toes!’ Ms Mulligan, LRC Manager.

Click here for photos of the event.