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Welcome to Westgate Year 7!

184 new students were welcomed on Tuesday 5th September and they had the school to themselves to orientate and make new friends


Putting early morning nerves aside, students had the opportunity to meet their teachers and complete a Scavenger Hunt and a Recycled Robots challenge.
The Scavenger Hunt activity enabled Year 7 to find their way around school and locate venues and relevant staff in order to answer questions and complete their worksheets. Staff were impressed with the enthusiasm and excitement in which Year 7 conducted themselves.

 The recycled robot task challenged the students to design and build a robot from recycled goods. There were some truly 'unique' creations and a few are shown in the gallery of photos. Teamwork was the key to the task and Year 7 displayed an engaging and passionate attitude towards their goals throughout the day, whilst showing their wonderful creative skills.

During all lessons, Year 7 will be developing their  effective communication skills and
adaptable leadership through the big idea of collaboration. Students will be working in their 'pods' during their Westgate6 lessons to showcase how they are developing these skills to get them #equippedforlife.
Miss O’Neill would like to congratulate all Year 7 students on a wonderful entry day to Collaboration
and is she so excited to work alongside you on your Westgate journey.


Please click here for the photos