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Keeping Slough Safe

Westgate student attends Keeping Slough Safe police community forum in capacity as member of Slough Youth Parliament.

Betty has been attending the board as a youth representative on behalf of Slough Youth Parliament (SYP) since 2017 to share the  views of young people. At the most recent board meeting on 14th March, Betty addressed the board on the topic of knife crime and gangs.

"The SYP reps that attend our meeting are always engaging and they contribute a great deal to the meeting, offering a young person’s perspective on the topics/issues we discuss. The age range of attendees at the meeting varies however, it is safe to say that the majority of attendees are in their thirties all the way up to sixty/seventy. Having the youth reps at the meeting has facilitated dialogue between individuals of different age groups, individuals that may not normally meet and talk.

Having the youth reps attend also allows the rest of the group to see what a positive contribution young people are having on Slough. By coming to the meeting the youth reps are also able to hear and understand the fears often associated with young people from an adult perspective. For example, how large groups of youths congregating in a communal area can often cause fear, amongst the elderly in particular, even if they are behaving themselves.  

The fact that people of all ages are meeting and talking together, sharing experiences has proven extremely positive. All the SYP reps that have ever attended, have always made a positive contribution to the meeting and are credit to young people in the town. I am pleased to say that Betty and Chloe have been no different, they are extremely confident, engaging and present very well at the meetings. At our last meeting we discussed community perception of crime and both Betty and Chloe contributed to discussion. They provided an input on knife crime and some of the reasons why young people choose to carry knives, despite the risks associated in doing so." Kulbir Brar, Slough LPA Community & Diversity Officer.