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Youth Parliament Reps Elected

Congratulations to Betty Axtell and Susuana Senghor.

Following a month of campaigning and a positive and lively voting day, we are pleased to introduce you to the Westgate Youth Parliament representatives, Betty Axtell from Year 9 and 'Susy' Senghor from Year 10.  Joining the Youth Parliament will mean that the girls will be involved in major 'youth voice' discussions on Slough issues and they will be taking part in a wide range of projects, campaigns and activities on behalf of the Westgate School and Slough's young people. The campaigns for votes were contested by 5 other candidates and although they were not elected, they have been invited to join the Young Curve and Slough Inspectors groups. Westgate is proud to receive the Democracy Award for a high turnout of 92% of students who voted. We wish all of our students good luck with their extra-curricular endeavours and look forward to hearing about their hard work in the near future.